3 Smartest Tactics for Improving the Hunter’s Lifestyle - Intro

You can take a trip down almost any highway, side street, or dirt road in the continental U.S. with the exception of Kansas and find some structure standing tall and stoic against the backdrop of a setting sun. It is truly something to be admired when houses are standing several stories high, trees tower above them, and skyscrapers are pushing the limits of what is humanly possible.

They are each unique in their own way; showcasing the beauty of design and the mastermind of the artist involved. What is often overlooked is that all of them, though different, are ultimately solid framework standing on a rock-hard foundation. Each one, whether drafted by an architect or Mother Nature herself, carries with it a story scribbled out on a blueprint some time ago.

We started a company on the 3 essential building blocks we deemed essential for being successful in both life and the great outdoors. They are the foundation of our vision and the daily discipline given to each of them strengthens the framework of our community and our own lives.

Functional Body. Functional Mind. Functional Tools.

Perhaps the best thing about time-honored traditions like hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping is that the carry-over of the lessons learned in each can be directly applied in your own life.

These lessons have shaped us and will continue to mold us into the people we want to be. We have failed over and over again in the outdoors when engaging on hunts, navigating terrain, and presenting bait on streams. These failures have taught us to focus on the things we can control.

Our goal is to provide you with the blueprint we have used to ensure we stand tall in the face of adversity. Without it we would have surely faltered in tough and challenging times.

We in no sense want to tell you how to live your life. You are the architect. You are the visionary. You control the way you live your life. We are just happy to share in the upcoming days more detail on the building blocks of our foundation and why we believe wholeheartedly in them.

We hope you find value in the blueprint and build the life you have always wanted. You deserve to be chasing down your true desires. That FIRE inside us all can only be fueled by following our true passions…. Here…. Take this kindling (subscribe to the blog...)

*PS… We still love Kansas… even 20+ hours in to a 30+ hour drive from PA to CO to backcountry bowhunt the mountains during the Elk rut… We still love it!

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