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What do I do if the call won’t unscrew?

Putting too much pressure on the lid can cause the threads to pinch or bind, loosen your grip and apply the insert holder to the back of the call for leverage and unscrew.

Why does my call have a hollow sound when yelping?

The crispness of the call can be altered by how tight the lid is screwed on. Tighten the lid for a crisper tone, loosen the lid for a raspier tone.

What do I do if my call gets wet during the hunt and begins to squeak?

One of the biggest advantages to the Deception Chamber is its versatility in the field. If any surface gets wet, it can be exchanged with another surface. Also, the surfaces can be turned over and used on the reverse side. Sanding a slate surface will recondition the friction insert and will also allow you to dry out the call.

Why doesn't my call sound the same every time?

It takes practice to find the sweet spot. Don't get discouraged if you don't immediately sound like a professional. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. An added benefit of The Deception Chamber is that it is the ultimate practice tool allowing the hunter to learn to master different sounds on multiple surfaces.

  • Keys to Consistency
    • Hold the call in the same position.
    • Develop a feel between striker and each surface.
    • Learn the cadence of each specific turkey sound.
    • Practice for unpredictable hunting conditions so you can adapt.

Which friction inserts are available?

Right now the three available inserts are Slate, Glass, and Aluminum. We will keep you updated as we work to expand the line.

Can I purchase individual inserts?

As of now, the individual inserts are not available for purchase on our website. We are working on making them available and are focused on expanding the options you can choose from as well. If you run into an issue, please reach out to us at

Why does my call sound a little squeaky?

This is a simple fix and the call probably just needs tightened. Use the insert holder for leverage and ensure the seal is tight. Also, properly conditioning the surface prior to use is key to optimal performance.