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Simplify the Art of Turkey Calling
Become a Master of Deception

3-in-1 Turkey Call - Interchangeable Friction Surfaces

  • 3 Full-sized Friction Surfaces
    • - Slate
    • - Glass
    • - Aluminum
    • - Insert Holder with Quick Connect
    • - Purple Heart Striker
The Deception Chamber Lid Unscrewed From Base with Insert Holder Attached
The Deception Chamber Being Lid Being Screwed On Base With Aluminum Surface Inserted
The Deception Chamber Turkey Call Assembled with Aluminum Surface
The Deception Chamber Lid Screwed on Base with ABS Soundboard Showing
The Deception Chamber Side View with Insert Holder Attached Showing Overall Height
The Deception Chamber Side View Showing Glass and Aluminum Surfaces In Insert Holder Attached to Turkey Call

The Blueprint

The demands of a stubborn Tom will challenge the most elite turkey hunter.

THE ISSUE - In order to meet these demands, hunters fill their vests with multiple calls. Clutter and confusion accompany this approach. An additional problem lies in the fact that there isn't much of a system. The swapping of calls entirely can hinder a hunter from mastering the abilities of each call they carry. There is simply too much going on, and hesitation during crunch time is often times the determinant for success or failure.

OUR SOLUTION - Eliminate the clutter in your vest. Minimize the confusion that comes with carrying multiple calls and strikers. Harness the power of a single turkey call system that gives users the ability to swap between 3 full sized friction surfaces. The Deception Chamber was designed for turkey hunters seeking unmatched versatility and functionality.

Learn to master the system and Become a Master of Deception.

Two Piece Design

- 1 Threaded Lid
- 1 Threaded Base
w/ ABS Soundboard
- Textured finished for easy exchange

4 Step Easy Assembly

1. Unscrew the lid
2. Remove current surface
3. Replace with desired surface
4. Screw lid back on

3 Full Sized Friction Inserts

- No more split surfaces minimizing your calling capabilities
- Slate
- Glass
- Aluminum

Insert Holder w/ Quick Connect

- Quickly store two inserts for a fast exchange
- 3 connection points for secure hold
- Provides leverage for unscrewing lid from base

Original Design

Engineered for easy exchanges between friction surfaces. Simple threaded design creates smooth removal of lid from base allowing for an easy swap of surfaces.

High Quality Material

Constructed from ABS plastic. This material allows for unmatched durability and performs well under any weather condition.

Lifetime Warranty

The Deception Chamber is backed by a lifetime warranty. Visit our warranty page for more information. We stand by our products, and we stand by you.


Deception Chamber Turkey Call Testimonial Shotgun with Turkey and Beard

Michael H.  -  Spring, 2017

"Great company. Had the chance to try out a prototype last spring. Deadly result."


Deception Chamber Turkey Call Testimonial Hunter and Turkey

Jake L.  - Spring, 2018

"The best in sound quality and range, The Deception Chamber provides it all. When I needed the ability to make a wide range of sounds to lure my gobbler in, the 3-in-1 friction call provided every hen sound needed. This call is a game changer, and I'll never go into the turkey woods without it."


Deception Chamber Turkey Call Testimonial Turkey Hanging from Spurs

Art M.  - Spring, 2017

"This call kicks ass, when the birds weren't responding, I whipped out this call and they just about ran me over. A must have for any serious hunter."



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