The Deception Chamber; A Turkey Hunting System

Generally, turkey calls are not referred to as a system or a tool for a hunter/huntress. They are mainly seen as a needed accessory or gear in the turkey woods, that almost everyone carries with them. People commonly carry multiple calls with them, most likely a mix of friction and diaphragm calls. They are shoved into every pocket of the turkey hunter/huntress’ vest, and their location is forgot about until the most pressing, last second desperation time. One then, scrambles to find their needed call and pray that their movements have not spooked that hung up bird.

This common issue has pressed the Cro-Mag Team for years and we started questioning the turkey call mindset. What if there was a way to end all this confusion and clutter? What if there was a way to take less into the woods, but still have all the calling power needed to repeatedly harvest birds? What kind of system would do this? What will give the sportsman/woman the highest advantage in the woods?

After 3 years of deliberation, 3 years of prototyping, and 2 years of field testing, we have finally solved this issue. We have created, what we believe is the most versatile turkey calling system on the market, The Deception Chamber.

Cro-Mag Outdoors' The Deception Chamber

The Deception Chamber is a 3-in-1 interchangeable friction call system, that not only minimizes space in the hunter/huntress’ vest, but provides the ability to carry a slate, glass, and aluminum call in a 1 call system.

The function of the call is simple. Unscrew the lid, select the desired surface, screw the base onto the lid, and store the 2 unused surfaces in the provided insert holder. Then use this call as you would for any other friction call.

The Deception Chamber also has 1 major advantage over any other call, and that is that each surface is dual sided. Since turkey season is in the Spring, rain often is on the forecast. So, as one side gets wet, simply turn the surface over and you have a dry side. No more swapping out a call for a wet surface.

This turkey call has been engineered for the real world. It was designed to give the common hunter/huntress, the ultimate advantage in the woods. To learn how the Deception Chamber can help you, head over to our product page and click DECEPTION CHAMBER.

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