The Deception Chamber Turkey Call- How it works

The Deception Chamber was built using a screwing feature that allows for the easy swap of friction surfaces. This screwing of the lid to the base is what provides a means of secure compression between the friction surface, the seating area of the lid, and the sealing ridge of the base.

The Deception Chamber AssembledHow to Assemble/Disassemble the Call

The Deception Chamber will come packaged with the lid screwed onto the base and 3 loose friction surfaces. One friction surface will be in the insert holder, and the other two will be positioned at the top of the package.  Remove all the contents of the package and place them on a table.

Select the desired surface, and place the remaining two into the insert holder. They will slide into place and secure through friction.

Un-thread the lid from the base and turn the lid over. There is a retaining groove in the underside of the lid, that should now be visible after turning over.

Place the friction surface into the lid and move it around until it seats into the retaining groove. This can be checked by wiggling the friction surface back and forth. If it wiggles slightly, and big movement is restricted, it is properly seated.

With the lid still turned upside down, and the friction insert in place, thread the base onto the lid in the upside-down position. This will make sure the friction surface stays seated and that there is a correct seal between the base, friction surface and lid.

Once the Deception Chamber is snug, place the insert holder in the locating holes on the back of the call, and tighten further. The insert holder doubles as a torquing tool to get more leverage to tighten. ***Do not over tighten the call, it should be slightly tighter than snug***

The Deception Chamber Side View

Turn the Deception Chamber over and remove and store the insert holder in your vest or pocket.

Repeat these steps to exchange friction inserts.

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