The Ultimate Turkey Hunting System

Turkey hunters/huntresses spend hundreds of dollars each year on the most innovative products on the market. From decoys to camouflage and anything in-between, they purchase products that will provide an advantage in the woods. And this is an investment worthwhile to the die-hard sportsman/woman. They justify their expenditures by rationalizing that the products they buy, are a system that will aide them in a perpetual harvest for years to come.

However, one thing that is often omitted from their list is a quality turkey call. Too many sportsmen/women go for the “red tag” special at the local sporting goods store and this is a mindset we are trying to change.

Cro-Mag Outdoors has created a system based approach for the turkey calling industry. Our Deception Chamber and Trident Striker are both a separate 3-in-1 system, that when combined give the user 9 calling options in a one call and one striker unit.

The Deception Chamber comes with 3 FULL SIZED friction surfaces (Slate, Glass, and Aluminum) that are easily exchanged between each other. The benefit of having full sized surfaces is that they do not sacrifice calling volume, unlike other renditions where surfaces are split, and volume is minimized. The other major advantage is that these surfaces can be flipped if they get wet. The call can also be changed based on the calling needs and response level of the interested Tom.

The Deception Chamber

The Trident Striker comes with 3 individual wooden dowels (Black Walnut, Hickory and Soft Maple), that provide unique calling sounds depending on the friction surface they are being paired with. The remaining dowels are then easily stored in the head unit of the striker for hands free storage. Having the ability to tailor the call to the needs of the sportsmen/women using this system is by far the biggest advantage they can have in the woods.

The Trident Striker

The full advantages of the Deception Chamber and Trident Striker are maximized when the hunter/huntress uses both products. Even though each product works perfectly, independent of each other. The most value is obtained when the 9 calling options are reached. Having the ability to switch calls on demand is the backbone of these tools and the system based approach that we were after in this venture.

To learn more about the Deception Chamber and the Trident Striker, head over to our product page. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to write us an email and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

And as always, good luck and shoot straight!

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