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The Tribe is a 2-step initiative taken by Cro-Mag Outdoors to honor sportsman and woman for their time spent in the woods and their harvests. The goal of this program is to dissolve the action of “harvest shaming” and in fact honor the animals that us sportsman have dedicated their lives to.  

It is our job as sportsman/woman to not only conserve our heritage but to encourage others to join in our passion. Taking an active approach in spreading the message that every animal should be honored, will help to dismantle all the stereotypes associated with the hunting community.

The second step in this initiative is to provide you with valuable data that will aid in the conservation of these animals. We have provided a form for you to fill out with your submission into our record books. This form will encapsulate all the vital information from your harvest. The overall goal of this form is to compile a copious amount of data from sportsman/women across the nation. This information will then be used to determine hunting events such as best times to hunt, weather patterns associated with animal activity, most successful areas to hunt, and so on and so forth.

Please join us in our quest to give the credit back to the sportsman/woman and the animal they decide to harvest, while simultaneously providing valuable data to be utilized later.

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