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  • Turkey Hunting Etiquette: A Lost Tradition

    Pennsylvania 2019 Spring Turkey season is right around the corner, the Cro-Mag Team thought that it would be helpful to touch on hunting etiquette.However, obeying the unwritten rule for turkey hunting will stop any altercations in the woods, prevent unnecessary game from being spooked, and can make the woods safer for the people in them.
  • Preparing for Your First Turkey Hunt

    In this article, I hope to help you understand the basics of turkey hunting. I will explain many of the terms used from my story above and talk through some tactics that will help you get a big bird down this spring.
  • 4 Easy Tactics to Harvest a Fall Turkey

    Fall hunting, can be one of the best times to fill your tag, and can also be a mean to provide the delicious turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few successful strategies that a hunter/huntress can use to increase their chances of taking a beautiful fall bird.