Weekend Warrior, More like Weekday Warrior!

Weekend warrior is a term that defines a hunter/huntress that only has time to hunt, fish, hike or camp on the weekend. This is can be due to their job requirements, prior obligations during the week or just not enough time to “do it all”, that inhibits them from pursuing their outdoor goals. This term unfortunately is the reality for too many sportsmen/women. But hunting does not have to be an all-day affair. Getting out into the woods for an hour or two in the morning or night can be some of the most productive times to harvest that hit list buck.

Many people understand that deer hunting all day has its requirements. Such as food, water, warm clothes, and the ability to stay comfortable in the tree. Everyone’s backpacks are stuffed with as much as they can carry, and that aides in an all day sit. But for a 1 to 2 hour sit, taking the bear minimum into the woods can save you time in maximizing your hunts potential.

Suggested Gear List for a 2 Hour Hunt:

  • Camouflage Jacket and Pants
  • Base Layers (if needed)
  • Short and T-Shirt (Optional)
  • Boots
  • Backpack
  • Binoculars
  • Range Finder
  • Bow
  • Knife
  • Rope
  • Scent Wipes
  • Scent Spray

These items are more than what you need to have a successful short hunt. The tools listed above will provide you the ability to harvest and process your game in the woods effectively. Remember, you can sacrifice comfort and go without the finer things such as snacks and water. Also, light weighting your gear will allow you to cover ground faster to get into your spot.

Night Before the Hunt

Prep your gear the night before, Cro-Mag Outdoors’ suggest putting your gear in a tote. This will minimize the amount of scent that your camo and gear are exposed to. (Click Here For more information on Cro-Mag Outdoors’ Scent Control) It also allows for organization, which can minimize the chances of forgetting gear.

Day of the Hunt

  1. Once your spot has been reached, wipe yourself down with scent wipes. This will get the majority of the “work stink” off of you.
  2. Put on your camo if the walk to your stand is short, if it is far, put on just your base layers or shorts and t-shirt and pack your camo in your backpack. Put the camo on when 300 yards from your stand.
  3. Spray yourself down with scent spray
  4. Enter your stand
  5. Hunt as long as you can

This strategy is what Cro-Mag Outdoors uses on a daily basis. We are average blue-collar Americans that chase our dreams through weekday and weekend hunts. We understand the challenges of a working and hunting lifestyle, and this strategy represents our company’s mission.

The hustle and bustle of life can make it seem like hunting is more of a chore that an enjoyment. Giving yourself an hour or two to hunt during the week can triple the amount of time that is spent in the woods during hunting season for the average weekend warrior. Success while deer hunting is a direct correlation to the amount of time spent in the stand. So, get out as much as you can, and do not be afraid of only hunting and hour to two. These can prove to be more successful than weekend hunting. Work on improving yourself and consistently try to learn different techniques.

Remember, having the desire to become successful in hunting, takes a mindset change and that is the hardest part in this endeavor. We can help you with changing this mindset, and once you have changed you will appreciate the hunt more, and start understanding what being a sportsman/woman is all about. Remember our mission is to redefine tradition. Challenge traditional thinking and push others to do the same. We must dedicate ourselves to hone in on our primal instincts and combine them with new methodologies and technologies to truly master evolution.

Cro-Mag Outdoors

Tradition, Re-engineered

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