Campfire Stories - Welcome to Base Camp

  • Satan's Taint; Overcoming the Colorado Grind

    Killing an animal is always bitter sweet. Its sweet because you can provide clean sustenance to your family, help with conservation, and get the gratification of your arduous work coming to fruition. But its bitter because you respect these animals so much. We gained a tremendous amount of respect for elk and elk hunters over our long week. We were in awe as to how big they were, and yet they could disappear into the mountain.
  • Memories, A Legacy for ALL to Leave

    As we get older and gain more experience in the woods, utilizing skills and tactics that you have learned over the years, seems to bring a little more success. You start to harvest bigger game and find out what works and what doesn’t for your hunts. However, no matter how many deer you harvest that first buck always stays with you.