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  • The Ultimate Turkey Hunting System

    Cro-Mag Outdoors has created a system based approach for the turkey calling industry. Our Deception Chamber and Trident Striker are both a separate 3-in-1 system, that when combined give the user 9 calling options in a one call and one striker unit.
  • Turkey Hunting; Become a Master of Deception

    Turkey hunting can be a humbling experience for the novice and the most experienced hunter/huntress. Just when you think you have them figured out, they do something to surprise you. This change in events and behavior from the turkeys are what make them such a sought-after game animal and is what drives the passion of the hunter/huntress.
  • Weekend Warrior, More like Weekday Warrior!

    Weekend warrior is a term that defines a hunter/huntress that only has time to hunt, fish, hike or camp on the weekend.This term unfortunately is the reality for too many sportsmen/women. But hunting does not have to be an all-day affair. Getting out into the woods for an hour or two in the morning or night can be some of the most productive times to harvest that hit list buck.
  • Turkey Hunting Gear for Beginners: Total Cost Under $500

    Turkey Hunting is a sport that anyone can take part in. You do not have to have the most expensive gear, the best camo on the market, or even the farthest shooting shotgun. This article was developed to get you into turkey hunting for under $500 and get the most bang for your buck.