Hunt | Fish | Hike | Camp - Effective Tips and Tactics

  • The BEST Way to Stalk Big Game

    The best way to stalk big game is by mimicking the patterns of apex predators. Their survival depends on their hunting success. You need to get into that mindset. Think like a predator, but also flip the table and think like the prey. Below are the tactics that will help you become the apex predator in whatever woods you decide to stalk.
  • Your Emotions can Make or Break a Hunt

    Managing your emotions and regulating your body is very important everyday life and can be a beneficial tool when you are in the woods hunting. It is crucial to minimize mistakes and have iron clad focus while you are in the woods.
  • Don’t Let Your Trail Cameras Get the Best of You

    Trail cameras have grown into an industry standard in the outdoor community. You and everyone you know has countless trail cams positioned over some sort of mineral pile, or feed source.
  • How to Maximize your Scouting Time

    Scouting is one of the biggest factors for success, but time is often limited. With this in mind it is crucial to use that time effectively. Below are my top tips on how to do just that. Follow these tips and you will hopefully be heading in to the season feeling confident with a few bucks already in your sights.
  • Do This ONE Tip for Better Buck Hunting

    Excitement and anticipation grows as you begin to locate more bucks! In some ways the pre-season is as much fun as the actual season. Unfortunately, your hard work and preparation can be in vein if you are make this one common mistake.
  • The Deer Tick - How to Help Prevent Tick Bites

    The Deer tick, also known as the black-legged tick, has a population concentrated primarily on the east coast, with some presence in Midwestern states. They are infamous for their transmission of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.
  • If you Make it, they will Come: Homemade Deer Supplement

    Homemade mineral is a cheaper alternative than purchasing factory produced supplement. It costs roughly 75 dollars to make 200 lbs. of mineral, which translates to $0.38/ lb. A typical bag of mineral costs the consumer $2.00/ lb. Making your own supplement will provide a $1.62/lb. savings, which can now be spent on other needs.
  • Scent Control: Going the Extra Mile

    Scent Control has been a long-disputed topic between sportsman/women. The idea that deer can be influenced by human scent does not sit easy with some folks. But the fact of the matter is that deer can smell at higher levels than humans and they can pick up on unfamiliar smells. Smells that will cause them to turn a different direction or avoid an area all together.
  • Go Get it! Hunting at Greater Distances

    Challenge traditional thinking and push others to do the same. We must dedicate ourselves to hone in on our primal instincts and combine them with new methodologies and technologies to truly master evolution.
  • Mindfulness Practice for Hunters - Overcoming Failure

    When we miss a shot or make a mistake, most of us get that sick feeling in our gut of disappointment. This, for many, is hard to recover from and can be the difference between finding success or continual disappointment.
  • Turkey Call Evolution: From D.D. Adams to the Deception Chamber

    The Deception Chamber uses 3 independent calling surfaces that can be swapped out by simply unscrewing a lid. This is critical in my opinion because it gives the hunter 3 full sized calls in one.
  • Locating A Preseason Turkey: 3 Key Approaches

    In the late winter/early spring, gobblers begin to separate from their flocks. Mature Toms will usually seclude themselves from other birds, while ...