Hunt | Fish | Hike | Camp - Effective Tips and Tactics

  • The BEST Way to Stalk Big Game

    The best way to stalk big game is by mimicking the patterns of apex predators. Their survival depends on their hunting success. You need to get into that mindset. Think like a predator, but also flip the table and think like the prey. Below are the tactics that will help you become the apex predator in whatever woods you decide to stalk.
  • ‘Tis the Season; European Mounting Method

    Cro-Mag Outdoors has provided steps on how to make a European Mount, which is a tasteful, inexpensive and practical option for displaying your trophy.
  • Your Emotions can Make or Break a Hunt

    Managing your emotions and regulating your body is very important everyday life and can be a beneficial tool when you are in the woods hunting. It is crucial to minimize mistakes and have iron clad focus while you are in the woods.
  • Big Buck Down! - As hunters, how should we share our hunts and harvests on Social Media?

    The primary purpose of this article is to spur discussion on an important topic in today’s world. We are hoping that responses cover the entire spectrum; ranging from individuals saying that they belong nowhere on social media, to your favorite (or least favorite) hunter who will argue that anything and everything deserves the media spotlight. We want to hear these differing perspectives. We can use this feedback in a collective effort to increase our positive outreach, and improve upon the negative stigmas attached to hunters.
  • Why is Everyone but You Killing Bucks?

    From late September to mid-November, everyone’s social media feeds are stormed with deer harvests and big buck pictures of hunters and huntresses that they either know or follow. This phenomenon occurs every year and if you are anything like me, you always feel like you are the only one that is not connecting on deer.
  • The Perfect Ambush for Big Woods Back Country Buck

    In this article I will cover how to set up the perfect ambush on a whitetail deer. A spot that matches what we will cover today should be kept a secret at all costs, for they are few in number. Any good hunting spot in the back country might encompass a few of the wickets we will cover, but should you find a spot with all then you’ve found yourself a perfect spot.
  • Using Trail Cameras to Locate a Shooter Buck

    A BUCK ON CAMERA IS NOT A DEAD BUCK. This is just step one, hunt where the big bucks are. The trail camera lets you know you aren’t wasting your time. Understand that early season buck patterns are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than fall/rut patterns. You can’t kill what is not there, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun!
  • Weekend Warrior, More like Weekday Warrior!

    Weekend warrior is a term that defines a hunter/huntress that only has time to hunt, fish, hike or camp on the weekend.This term unfortunately is the reality for too many sportsmen/women. But hunting does not have to be an all-day affair. Getting out into the woods for an hour or two in the morning or night can be some of the most productive times to harvest that hit list buck.
  • 4 Easy Tactics to Harvest a Fall Turkey

    Fall hunting, can be one of the best times to fill your tag, and can also be a mean to provide the delicious turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few successful strategies that a hunter/huntress can use to increase their chances of taking a beautiful fall bird.
  • Freedom; A Must Read for the Everyday Outdoorsman/woman

    We all are in search of something in life, whether it be having a distinguished career, a happy marriage, healthy children, or success while hunting. There is a reason and a calling that makes us all wake up in the morning. We are not able to enjoy this life and the freedom we have without the sacrifices that others have made.
  • Crossbow vs. Compound Bow

    This is a question that is brought up all the time in conversation between hunters/huntresses. It is a love hate relationship between the two systems. The people that shoot crossbows love them, while the ones clinging to their compound bow, hate the thought of someone who is healthy using a crossbow.
  • “Great Deer, but it isn’t 150 Inches”; How to Score a Whitetail

    The time of year is upon us, when social media posts of bucks are popping up on our news feed. Countless people are harvesting great deer, they are proud of their trophy and are putting them on display for the world to see. This is what makes this sport great, generally everyone is proud of you for your harvest. You have put in countless hours of effort, practiced all summer long, scouted, hung stands, planted food plots, and developed game plans. Ultimately, you have one the battle of the fall.